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My First Grill of 2012

Normally in the years past, grilling is a past time I enjoy year round…but I’ve been a slacker and am once again trying to redesign my life-style. Recently I participated in a quasi health study in which I confirmed that my cholesterol is much higher than it should be, but aside from that, I’m in tip top shape.

What does this mean to me and my change in life-style? Sadly enough, the butter, bacon, baked goods, and cheese need to be eliminated for a while and eaten in a moderated fashion after I’ve regained the levels of cholesterol that are recommended. The bright and beautiful silver lining to this ominous cloud is the fact that we are on the brink of Spring and in Denver, CO this means I can get on my bike to exercise, the garden is beginning to grow, and the cornucopia of delicious vegetables are coming in greater variety and abundance. What I need to replace those bad-habit-foods are high-nutrient veggies that provide for a better source of fiber. The following is the beginning of a year long journey with my body to make sure it is a better machine to take with me on the many explorations I hope to embark on in the years to come.

Luckily, I work for the best market in the world that offers such an amazing selection of veggies, I can hardly figure out what I’m going to eat while I’m there. I finally figured it out this time and I this is what I found; Belgian Endive, Eggplant, Kale, Tofu, and yes there is still some cheese in the meal (Rome wasn’t built in a day).

The idea for the eggplant was to create a version of Caprese Salad using the eggplant in place of tomato as good tomatoes are difficult to find this time of year. All is to be grilled though:

Everything on the grill was prepared with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and the tofu had cayenne dusted over it as well. I grilled the kale until the edges were lightly blackened, the endive halved and flat side down until grill marked, the eggplant until tender, and the tofu until dark golden and firm.

The finished product smelled so good I could hardly keep it out of my mouth long enough to plate it for the blog. While at the store I decided to try a local hot sauce that is to be drizzled over the tofu.

I have a basil plant growing in the house, balsamic vinegar and olive oil are also on hand to create the final dish.

With everything on this plate, it’s hard for me to choose a favorite, but the endive is the one that I devoured first and I could have had just a plate of that and been happy, but I would have hated to miss the rest of it. Healthy eating is certainly no punishment for me, and I’m looking forward to my journey to good cholesterol levels, by way of delicious veggies, bike riding, hiking, and adventure!



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