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Born and raised in Rochester, NY, I moved to Denver at the age of 24. Growing up I was delighted by my family’s cooking which ranged from Italian to southern, but my mother was keen on trying new things. I owe my palate to her. With her cooking in the kitchen and my father grilling and smoking I developed my love for food and for cooking. In high school I would cook for dinner parties for my friends, always trying new ways of astonishing their taste buds, which would sometimes prove to be a difficult task. From pestos to tropical fruit salads, it was always something new and I found there, that my joy comes from cooking for others and learning new ways to please their senses through food.

Now this blog isn’t just about cooking, its about passion. My passions, my trifecta of love, are cooking, music, and the great outdoors. Through these passions I live with my tongue dripping for the next stimulant to arouse my senses all the while learning about myself and the people around me.

Please join me in exploring the wonders of life and share your passions and experiences with me.


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So, though my peer group will probably get the reference right away, I think the title of my blog should be explained, as well, those who get this ever so witty reference, probably don’t get the full double entendre that lay in your midst like a poetic jungle cat waiting to pounce on your mental carcass. I digress…

So, the title…Okay, the easy part – Rusted Root is a world music band haling from the Pittsburgh area who recorded the overplayed tune, “Send Me On My Way”. Some of you may remember this song from the movie, “Ice Age” – unfortunately, its a type casting song which keeps people from going deeper with a truly talented and creative band.

The second part of the double entendre refers to, obviously, the transformation of the bands name “Rusted” to my sites name “Roasted”. There is a dish that I prepare which never fails to be a hit with whatever crowd I make it for. In a future post I will have pictures and a more in depth look at the dish. The dish consists of diced ROOT vegetables which I ROAST in the oven…hence…Roasted Root, see how clever that is? Sometimes I have good moments. If you come visit me though, I will be sure you get a taste of this down home masterpiece…..its so good, I think I’ll start prepping it right now…

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